ThisHerb Health Pty Ltd is an Australian company, specialising in the research and development of modern Chinese Herbal Medicine.


Our medicinal herb store is located in Mount Waverley, Melbourne. We devote ourselves to produce only the highest quality Chinese Herbal Medicine.

All of our Chinese herbal medicine products online have been certified by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), in accordance with the Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Our mission is to bring to a world awash with chemicals a better way to feel better. Coming from a 3,000 years tradition of holistic medicine through and practice, we strive to offer our clients lifelong vitality and wellness compares with the often heavy-handed symptom-specific interventions of western medicine. While our medicines are 100% herbal, we rely on the very latest modern biomedical finding to augment and enhance remedies that have been proven in clinical practice for millennia. To us, vital good health is a matter of nourishing the Qi - the vital energy force that flows through all matter.

We wish you good health and happiness.