Why Your Relief From The Symptoms Of Menopause Is Worth It For Your Family

relief from menopause symptoms benefits family

Families are a source of unconditional love, and a valuable resource that can help you weather all of life’s changes and challenges.

As a woman, going through menopause is a very personal period of your life, and while the personal management of menopause symptoms are highly important, letting your loved ones help guide you through the journey can be highly beneficial for both yourself, and for them.


Communication is key.

Good family communication is important because our loved ones are those who we first turn to for support when the going gets tough.

As families begin to mature, the potential for a loss of connection and the feeling of change can become challenging to the family nucleus. Communicating with one another therefore becomes ever more important for maintaining solid relationships with each other.

We all know hormones tend to “fly off the rails” during menopause, so it’s important to let your loved ones in on how you are feeling and what they can do to support you. They’re there to help, protect and love you. Communication is such an important tool of support you when tackling symptoms of menopause and can lower stress levels of you and those around you if everyone feels like they’re on the same page. Addressing this will help break any barriers you may feel you have when talking to your family.


In today’s fast-paced and super-connected world, close families with strong values can help younger family members resist outside negative influences. Without solid values and boundaries, children can be susceptible to stumbling in to unwanted consequences such as substance abuse or other various forms of addiction.

If you start embodying your children with good values when they are young, they will likely follow in your footsteps and give you a close relationship with them later in life. By the time menopause rears its head your children may already be adults, and that closeness that you have nurtured over the years will help them help you through life’s changes.

So why is this important to you? To put it simply, discovering and maintaining your own, well-balanced and healthy lifestyle does not just involve you. It sometimes takes a tribe.


Tell your family what types of treatments you are seeking to tackle menopause, and why it is helpful for everyone involved. Explain the benefits of a holistic approach such as using natural supplements, and why you would like to apply these certain lifestyle changes to tackle your pain and discomfort.

Treating menopausal symptoms with Traditional Chinese Medicine and chinese herbs have been practiced and perfected throughout the centuries. Explain why a combination of a healthy lifestyle and TCM can make a world of difference to your stress levels, rebalance your Qi (energy), and keep you close as a family.