How Natural Fertility Boosters Can Help Women Looking To Conceive

For a woman who wants a baby, there is no off switch to deactivate the longing. Sadly, however, almost one in six Australian couples can be affected by infertility. If you fall into that category it’s not the end of the world – as this article will explain – through a range of key natural fertility boosters that increase a woman’s chances of pregnancy.


An unhealthy body mass index (BMI) can often compromise fertility. As fat cells are known to store oestrogen, overweight women have higher than normal levels and often do not ovulate. This is also true for underweight women who typically have lower oestrogen levels, so it’s about finding balance. Calculating your BMI can quickly tell you if you’re within a healthy “get pregnant” weight range. Avoiding processed foods and eating a well-balanced diet of carbs, lean proteins and fruits and vegetables will get you into that “fertility zone” – particularly those high in antioxidants such as:

Vegetables – artichokes and broccoli

Beans – kidney and pinto

Nuts – hazelnuts, pecans and walnuts

Fruits – cranberries, blueberries, blackberries and apples


Acupuncture, a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can help restore the body’s Qi – or flow of energy – which helps regulate menstruation, ovulation and increase egg quality by improving blood flow in the pelvic region. It also helps that acupuncture also works in reducing depression and stress levels, which can be a problem for women struggling with fertility.


Adopting a balanced exercise regime is vital for maintaining that healthy conception weight. This will help control your blood sugar, blood pressure and body weight – all of which relate to your ability to get pregnant. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend endless hours on a treadmill or take up intense physical activity; in fact, stress-free methods of exercise such as yoga are more fertile-friendly forms of fitness, as several recent studies have shown stress to be linked to lowered chances of pregnancy. There are even specific yoga programs tailored to enhance fertility!


One of the easiest and most beneficial ways to help boost fertility is by supplementing your health kick with natural fertility boosters. TCM contains vitamins and supplements that are proven to help maintain a fertile environment for natural pregnancy, or even in-vitro fertilisation (IVF). TCM is a sophisticated herbal system that works holistically on any and all symptoms that may get in the way of pregnancy, such as hormonal dysfunction, the reduction of menstrual cramps and optimization of the ovarian function.

They also help combat stress, anxiety and regulate sleeping patterns – all things a woman needs to balance when looking to conceive.

This is why ThisHerb has formulated its Sunny Pills; a blend of 16 herbs, leaves, fruits and berries have been carefully selected to target the symptoms that hinder a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant, and can be found here.