This year has been a tumultuous one, with a global pandemic taking over our lives and changing the way we operate on a daily basis. While the effects of such turmoil has affected each of us differently, the ongoing stress and uncertainty reaches all of us. From concern about family members, financial worries, dismay around the global effects, anxiety from being in isolation, and of course the fear of contracting Coronavirus, there are many legitimate fears circulating in our minds.  This pressure leads to an increase in mental health issues and general anxiety, a completely normal reaction to such an intense situation, but in order to minimise this stress we must learn how to manage it. It is important to take care of yourself now more than ever, and here at ThisHerb we want to help you to stay positive and maintain mental health in a safe and natural way. 



One thing we all have in common in regards to COVID19 is in the increased feeling of stress. At the beginning of the outbreak this was an intense worldwide fear, heightened by a lack of information and a feeling of a reduced control over our own lives. As the year has gone on this stress has morphed into different areas of everyone; for some it’s focused on money worries, others are afraid for frail family members, and many are dealing with personal issues exemplified by isolation and reduced human contact.  It's important to be aware that the mental health stresses of Coronavirus will affect some more than others; social groups like the elderly, children, healthcare workers, and those with existing mental health conditions are likely to feel the weight more than others. The Red Cross details how vital it is that support systems remain in place for vulnerable communities, and that we recognise as a society that increased stress will occur and need to be treated. 



It’s a shock to no-one that increased stress, coupled with periods in isolation, leads to an increase in mental health problems such as anxiety. Studies by the Mental Health Journal of Australia show that anxious states are commonly induced by feeling trapped, powerless, and alongside feelings of loss.  Given the dramatic affect Coronavirus has had on many peoples’ daily lives, it’s natural in a sense that negative thoughts have increased. In order to help ourselves and those around us we must remember that we are not alone, and that we should take care of our mental health as we would our physical fitness. By incorporating manageable mental health care practices into our daily routines such as exercise, therapy, a good diet, and herbal supplements that boost our wellbeing, we can take care of ourselves in this difficult time. 



Forced isolation is something that most people across the globe never thought they would experience, and now it has become the norm for a huge number of people, including in many areas of Australia. The effects of this confinement can be far reaching as it essentially means reduced human contact, something that we all need in order to be happy and healthy.  Studies have long shown the negative mental and physical effects of social isolation and loneliness, but the sudden appearance of COVID19 has put the realities of this into sharp perspective. The Sax Institute, a public health research body, has compiled research and found the effects of such isolation will likely be long-lasting and far-reaching, as the human body has been proven to need personal connection and human contact in order to thrive. 



While it’s easy to recognise that mental health care is more important now than ever, carrying out the practices of this are not so easy. For many of us it’s no longer feasible to attend a yoga class, visit a therapist, or even have lunch with close friends. This change in boundaries means we need to approach our mental health care a little differently, and this might mean taking scheduled breaks from your computer to get fresh air, listening to a meditation class, and trying to avoid alcohol and drugs. A straightforward way to give your mental health a boost during this time of Coronavirus is to incorporate herbal supplements into your routine, as the all-natural ingredients have no side effects and provide an all-over boost to your well-being. Here at ThisHerb we have created a variety of plant-based supplements that support your mental health from the inside out, one of which is Sunny Pills; a capsule that helps manage mild anxiety, nervous tension and stress through 100% plant based ingredients. 



Having been in the field of natural health care for many years, ThisHerb has the experience of creating herbal supplements that you can rely on in this difficult time of social isolation and the stresses of COVID19. By combining ancient Chinese herbal medicine with modern pharmaceutical products, we have created a range of products that support the workings of your inner organs to improve your well-being. All of this is done in a low impact manner that does not give any side effects, unlike harsher pharmaceutical drugs.  While this may seem like a tough time, just remember that we are all in this together, and we will endure. A trying time such as Coronavirus can help us all to focus on the important things in life, and appreciate the beautiful things we have such as loving families and supportive friendships.