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Anxiety, Depression in Tradition Chinese Medicine

In Chinese medicine, the liver is responsible for smooth Qi and blood flow to the other organs and is the organ most affected by stress. Liver deficiencies are a common cause of stress, anxiety and depression.
Unbalanced Qi in the heart, with its direct links to mental health and cognitive function, also contributes to an imperfect mental state. 
For this reason, our herbal medicine researchers devised Sunny Pills to target smooth blood flow in the liver and heart, promoting healthy functioning hearts and livers. At the same time the pure plant ingredients unblock Qi to provide a welcome energy boost to battle lethargy and depressive states.
One of the most significant benefits of a balanced, healthy heart and liver is the positive effect on one’s mind. Mental health and physical health are so closely connected that the entire circulatory system must be considered in order to address the root causes of mild anxiety and depression.
Sunny Pills do just that, with a specially formulated natural medicine targeting fatigue, stress, mild anxiety and depression related symptoms .


Advantages of taking Sunny Pills

ThisHerb Sunny Pills contains a patented blend of  16  herbs, leaves, fruits and berries carefully selected to target Qi and blood flow in the heart and liver.
Fusing 3,000 years of Chinese herbal medicine with modern pharmaceutical expertise, Sunny Pills work in three ways: as a natural fertility booster during IVF treatment, fertility supplement for men, and a natural medicine combating anxiety, stress and fatigue. 


Lophatherum gracile (Dan Zhu Ye),

Paeonia suffruticosa (Mu Dan Pi),
Schisandra chinensis (Wu Wei Zi), Cornus officinalis (Shan Zhu Yu),

Ziziphus jujuba var. spinosa (Suan Zao Ren (roasted)),

Rehmannia glutinosa (Di Huang),

Codonopsis pilosula (Dan Shen),

Inula Britannica (Xuan Fu Hua), Cinnamomum cassia twig (Gui Zhi),

Zingiber officinale (Gan Jiang),

Gardenia jasminoides (Cao Zhi Zi (Roasted)),

Ziziphus jujuba (Hong Zao)

Production and Safety Testing

Thisherb products conform to the stringent of quality, safety and efficacy legally required by Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).

These include the manufacturing processes in a factory certified with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) by TGA and the testing of maximum allowable levels of heavy metals, micro-organisms, and maximum allowable levels of heavy metal.

TGA Listed Number 

AUST L 277948

Features and Benefits

Sixteen traditional Chinese herbal medicines have been synergistically blended to strengthen the liver and heart, support the kidneys, promote the movement of blood and

qi, and support and balance the efficient functioning of the other internal organs in order to:  

  • Boost energy; naturally, regulate emotions; improve sleep quality, reduce fatigue and general lethargy; 

  • Naturally relieve stress, nervous tension and mild anxiety; calm  spirit;

  • Help to promote clear thinking leading to an agile mind with improved memory;

  • Help to enhance self-confidence, reduce worries and feelings of fear;

  • May help in improving libido caused by stress and Yang and Qi deficiency;

  • May help to reduce chronic body pains associating with long term depressed emotions;

  • Help maintain an internal fertile environment for natural pregnancy or in-vitro fertilization (IVF)

Mrs Newman, 42 years old

She suffered from infertility and experienced early pregnancy loss for many years, she had also failed in IVF for 3 times. Read her story about how Sunny Pills helps her having a baby.

Both anxiety and depression are very serious illnesses and should not be left untreated. The self-evaluation list below is a very simple self-assessment for you to determine if you are feeling any of the symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. While it can be subjective and dependent on individual circumstances, it is a reasonable starting point. 

Consider how you’ve been feeling over the last two weeks. Now read the points below and determine whether these relate to you. There is no specific number of points you have to answer in the affirmative, but each is serious on their merits, and generally, many are associated with each other. But you should recognise a pattern. 


  • Have you been feeling nervous, anxious or on edge?

  • Do you find yourself becoming easily annoyed or irritable?

  • Have you found that you get little interest or pleasure in doing the things you used to enjoy doing including your daily activities?

  • Have you noticed problems with falling asleep, staying asleep, or even simply sleeping too much?

  • Are you displaying poor appetite, weight loss, or overeating?

  • Do you feel tired even after a good rest or lack energy and strength?

  • Have you been feeling bad about yourself or feeling that you are a failure, or that you have let yourself or your family down?

  • Do you have negative thoughts that you would be better off dead, or considering hurting yourself in some way?

  • Have you noticed that you have some difficulty concentrating on things such as reading a newspaper or even watching TV?

  • Have you noticed (or have other people noticed) that you appear to be moving or speaking very slowly? 

  • Have you become fidgety or restless and you feel you have to move around a lot more than usual?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Sunny Pills?

A: Sunny Pills is a patented 100% herbal medicine, with Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) listed number being AUST L 277948. It is the result of the conjunction of modern pharmaceutical research and over 20 years of clinical experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Q: Is Sunny Pills safe? Is there any side effects?

A: Sunny Pills is made from 100% herbal and it is TGA listed, and there have been no known side-effects reported in clinical observation so far.

Q: Do I have to take Eczema Free Capsules on a long-term basis to achieve a result? Will it cause drug dependency?

A: The recommended period of taking Sunny Pills is normally between 1-3 months, people can stop taking Sunny Pills once the symptoms are eliminated, and there are no dependency concerns.

Q: Can I take Sunny Pills while I am taking other prescribed medications?

A: Yes. Sunny Pills is 100% herbal medicine and therefore can be taken in conjunction with other prescribed medicines. However, it is recommended to avoid taking Sunny Pills for at least one hour before or after your other medicine, to increase its effectiveness.

Q: Is there a time we should wait for the pills to start working or should the improvement be immediate?

A: The timeframe can be different between patients. For people with a longer course of the disease, the body's reaction to a medicine is relatively slower than average people and therefore, they need more time to get improvement.